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American Express Automatic Bill Payment Enrolment Form

The Smarter Way to Pay
Life is so much simpler when you do not have to worry about payment deadlines and late payment penalties. Introducing American Express Automatic Bill Payment, the smarter way to take care of your bills.

  • Convenience
    There is no more writing cheques or waiting in line when you consolidate your bills on your American Express® Card.
  • Peace of Mind
    Count on prompt, secure payment every time.
  • Earn Rewards
    Enjoy Cashback*, Membership Rewards points*, KrisFlyer miles* or STAR$®* on your bill charges.
  • *Depending on which American Express Card you are holding, you can earn Membership Rewards

To apply, please fill up the digital form below.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. By completing this form, you hereby agree to these Terms and Conditions (as may be amended from time to time by American Express).
  2. Successful enrolment in American Express Automatic Bill Payment is subject to approval by American Express and the relevant billing organizations. If approval is not granted, please make alternate payment arrangements with the relevant billing organizations.
  3. Please allow four to six weeks for the processing of your enrolment for American Express Automatic Bill Payment. Please continue to pay your bill to the relevant billing organization until yousee the amount reflected on your American Express Card statement.
  4. Please contact the relevant billing organizations should you wish to terminate this American Express Automatic Bill Payment instruction.
  5. Should you cancel your American Express Card, please make alternative payment arrangements with the relevant billing organizations.
  6. If there is any change in your American Express Card Account number (including renewal or replacement card, for example lost or stolen card), please notify the relevant billing organizations to continue this American Express Automatic Bill Payment service.
  7. Successful American Express Automatic Bill Payment arrangements with the relevant billing organization is subject to your American Express Card Account remaining in good standing and not cancelled or suspended for any reason.
  8. You warrant that the above information provided is true and correct and authorize American Express to verify the information in this form. You also expressly consent to have your personal particulars with American Express updated with the information provided herein which will supercede all previous information which you may have provided to American Express and to collect, process and use your personal particulars in accordance with the Data Protection and Use of Personal Data Terms and Conditions in your Card Members agreement.
  9. Should there be any change in your personal details provided above, please ensure that you update the relevant billing organizations.
  10. Other than as required under applicable laws, under no circumstance will American Express be liable for any loss, expenses, delays, mistakes, neglect or omission in the transmission of payment under the American Express Automatic Bill Payment service or for any unsuccessful payment, nor for any instructions givento, or arrangements made directly with the relevant billing organisations.
  11. Please contact our Customer Service representatives should you have any queries on your American Express Automatic Bill Payments.

For other merchants not available on the American Express Automatic Bill Payment EnrolmentForm, click on the respective logos below to set up recurring bill payment or make payment: