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American Express Business® Card Information

To help us connect your existing American Express Account to International Payments, please provide current Card information. If you elect to use our AccessLine service, this Card will be debited by American Express for AccessLine transactions. Please note that points earned will be credited to the Card Account listed below.

Payment Needs

To help us provide you with the best possible service based on your payment needs, please specify the intended use of your international transactions.

Bank Account Information

In line with Australian regulatory requirements, please provide information about your business bank account.
For further information on data security, visit our Security Centre.

Terms and Conditions
  1. You acknowledge that you have read and agree with the Telegraphic Transfers and Forward Exchange Contracts Replacement Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide.
  2. If the business will settle FXIP transactions via Direct Debit, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement and you request and authorise American Express to debit amounts in connection with the business’ relationship with American Express from the nominated account listed above.
  3. If the business will settle FXIP transactions via AccessLine, you acknowledge that American Express will debit the Business Card listed above for those transactions. Please note that liability for AccessLine transactions will be in the line with the liability on the Business Card.
  4. You authorise American Express to obtain credit reports at its discretion from credit reporting agencies in relation to the business, or where appropriate, conduct commercial reports on individuals if the business is stated as a sole proprietorship, and to verify your identity with various third-party sources (such as government bodies/agencies, your employer, payroll/superannuation providers, financial institutions and data aggregators).
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By digitally signing on the next page, the authorised representative binds the business entity to the terms and conditions contained in the above declaration in their capacity as: